Monday, November 19, 2012

4 Month Update

As of this past Friday, we have been a family of 7 for 4 months.  Time for some highlights of the past month (actually, about a month and a half would be more accurate)!

Easton and Yohannes's flag football team won the championship!  You've never seen two more pumped boys. 
Yohannes had his very first birthday party, complete with friends, family, presents.....

....and a giant cookie.  He picked that instead of cake.

Paulos and Yohannes had eye surgery.  Both of Yohannes's lazy eyes were corrected, and now he looks straight ahead!  We are thankful for All Children's Hospital in Tampa.  Every person we came in contact with was wonderful.
Paulos's pre-school class took a field trip to a pumpkin patch.  He thought the pumpkins were cool.
Yohannes, Paulos, Easton, and Alana had friends over to carve pumpkins.  Even though Yohannes and Paulos chose not to participate (and the moms ended up doing most of the carving- thanks, Stephanie!), they still had fun with their friends.

Have you ever tried explaining Halloween to someone from another country?  Not an easy feat.  However, they lit up at the prospect of filling a bag with candy.  Some years we have participated in trick or treating, some years we have not.  This year we were invited again to our friend's house to join with their family walking around a large neighborhood.  We brought along a genie, a Star Wars clone, cowboy, Spiderman, and an Indian.  

Easton has begged for a real suit for a year.  He finally received one and has worn it almost every Sunday to church.  We'll definitely get our money's worth.  Isn't he handsome?

Paulos lost his first tooth.  He was so proud!  He promptly lost it 10 minutes later, but still woke up the next morning to find a dollar under his pillow.  From his family, not the Tooth Fairy.  We won't even attempt to explain that one.
Paulos's class had a Thanksgiving Feast: 
Chief Paulos picked out all the chocolate to eat first from his bag.  In this picture he's holding a chocolate kiss up for the camera (not just his middle finger, I promise).
One night while the girls were away, Alan cranked up the fire pit and the boys roasted marshmallows.  It was Yohannes and Paulos's first time ever roasting them over a fire.  Yum!

Our family took Grandpa's boat out (and sang that country song, "On a Pontoon...") to go fishing.  Though we didn't catch anything, they all enjoyed going fast and having a picnic on the boat.
Oh- and helping Daddy drive, too!

Today I am thankful for:  a conversation with a new friend that reminded me God is FULLY able to restore- He makes all things new, a bag of clothes for the boys that included new nice shoes for church and even a Darth Vader costume complete with light sabers, and a chance for Jayde to keep playing volleyball at the Y with friends.

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  1. It sound likes you have had some really fun times. I hope you continue to have some more fun with your BIG family. :)
    Love, Debra