Monday, August 27, 2012


Last year I purchased scarves for some of the women on my Christmas list from FashionABLE.

Their mission is fabulous!  And it's extremely successful.  So when we had the opportunity to visit FashionABLE in person and spend some time with the women there, and the new person helping to run it (Ian Bentley), we were thrilled (okay, I was especially thrilled!). 

The website for FashionABLE is

When I come back wearing the scarves I purchased directly from them, you're going to want to get some for yourself!  They are beautiful and very well made.  This is a picture of the on site store:
FashionABLE is a division of Women at Risk.  They help women get out of prostitution.  Many women here have led lives of prostitution for a variety of reasons.  For some, their husbands have left and they have no education so they support themselves the only way they know how.  For others, it's because they were trafficked from the country to the city.  No matter the reason, the women are in need of help.  FashionABLE trains them to weave fabric to make scarves.  Here are some pictures of the looms (below).  It is an amazing process!

In this picture the yarn has been spun and dyed and  now is drying to be used for a scarf.

Once the scarves are finished, the women roll the ends using their legs!  It makes the little fringe on the edge of each scarf.

We were allowed to help roll the ends of the scarves.  Here's Jayde trying it out.  She found out it's a simple concept but definitely takes practice to perfect.

We spent part of two different days at FashionABLE.  The second time the boys came, too.  Though they had no interest in seeing the scarf-making process, they found things to entertain themselves, like throwing old tires over a stick (like horseshoes with tires).
Check out this awesome ministry (and it's a great idea for Christmas gifts this year)!!

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