Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Blessings

We started off the week breaking in Sheri and Hannah right away. Power has been in and out, like usual.  Sheri has taken cold showers, but has not been without water yet.  I'm sure that will come before we leave! Here are Sheri, Hannah, Jayde, Alana, and Alan playing Rummikub by candlelight.  The first picture is with my flash. Trust me, it was actually dark:
This next one is the true lighting we have frequently in the evenings:

There has been a lot of rain and our road frequently looks like a river:

Thursday was my 36th birthday.  Sheri and I went to Zumba in the city in the morning, then worked at Bring Love In in the afternoon.  That evening, we went to Habesha 2000, the same traditional Ethiopian restaurant that we took Alan's parents to while they were here. 

This was my first birthday with 5 children:

My husband informed them it was my birthday, so I was serenaded, and then later picked on to get up from my seat and dance with one of the male dancers.  Yes, I shook it, baby!  I'll try to post the lovely video Sheri made on Facebook (yes, that "lovely" was sarcastic).

For my birthday gift, I received a handmade necklace bearing all my children's names:

Sheri brought me candy (oh yes, she knows me), Missy sent magazines, Kelley & George gave truffles, Becky a package of oreos, Mom and Dad a gift card, and special cards were received from home from Avery & Barbara and Matt & Courtney.  It was fun to open all the cards brought from the States since we have not been able to receive mail here.  The oreos are long gone and I'm working diligently on the candy.  :)

Thanks to all my friends and family who sent birthday wishes and ecards via Facebook and email.  They were cherished!

Today I am thankful for:  sweet treats, handwritten cards, and wise words from friends.

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