Saturday, August 25, 2012

Awash Adventures

My mind says, "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" as I write this post.  Except, in our case, it would be, "Camels and warthogs and monkeys, oh my!" 

Our family, along with Sheri and Hannah, drove to Awash National Park (about 4 hours south of Addis) this past week.  I love getting driving through the country anywhere, but it has been especially awesome to get to see landscapes in Africa!

My pictures just do not do it justice!  It's sooooo beautiful here!  Adjectives- hm, let's see..... gorgeous, beautiful, awesome, surreal, indescribable, incomparable, etc., etc., etc.

We saw camels just roaming along, ya'll!  I shot some footage with the video camera of the camels.  My daughter has been making fun of me all week for saying, "Hello, camel!  Goodbye, camel!" on the video.  But, I promise, when I said, "Hello", the camel shook his head to acknowledge me!  I have proof. 

We stayed at the nicest hotel in Awash.  It was awful.  I think I would rather have slept in the car.  I know I would rather have been in my sleeping bag in our family tent, for sure.  But, we stuck it out. 

There were 3 girls under that mosquito net!  I know now why we are taking malaria medication. 

We were required to hire an armed guard to be our guide through our day driving around the area.  He was very nice but did not speak any English.  Behailu interpreted the best he could.
This picture is just to show you the road we were on.  Very long.  I felt like I was on safari.
An oryx stared at us.  He actually has very long horns, even though you can't really see them in this picture.

Warthogs also showed themselves to us, but my camera wasn't ready.  They were huge!  Much bigger than what I pictured from "Lion King".  Haha.  The kids were singing, "Hakuna Matata" in the car.  We looked for Timone, but we didn't find him.  :)

The river is long, brown, muddy, but gorgeous.  Surrounding it on all sides are a multitude of shades of green.  I have never seen so many colors of green in one place before.

We fed the wild monkey our bananas.  (Technically, we weren't supposed to, but our guard politely turned his head.  I probably shouldn't tell you that.)

The children were very excited to see ostriches.  They started following us and began running, then someone shooed them away. 
One of the highlights of our trip was seeing Awash Falls.  It was huge!! 

We stopped at the Lodge in the National Park that is available to eat and sleep at (we should have stayed there for the night).  Our lunch was delicious.

This is the bar area.  I just thought it was cool, so I wanted to show you.

We ate lunch on this balcony:

This was part of our view during lunch:

Sheri and I tried some Ethiopian white wine.  Yum.

It made Sheri's day to meet a family of baboons.  This guy was the alpha male.
We had a great time and it's something we'll never forget!

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