Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our First Week

This past week was full of blessings.  At the same time, I really miss Alan and had a hard time with the fact that he was not here for the boys' first week with our family.  The good news is he has a return date!  He and Jayde will be picked up the at the airport here in Addis on Sunday morning, the 29th.  I am so excited!  Alan's parents are coming for a visit as well.  We have a lot planned for their stay. 

I was able to retire this necklace that I have worn for the last year.  It says, "Waiting (im)patiently".  Goodbye, wait!  Hello, family of 7!  I'll show you my new necklace when Jayde and Alan bring it from home.
God answered a prayer for me this week- a friend for Alana!  Alana has missed her friends very much since we have been here.  I prayed for a friend for her, and God provided Kayla.  Kayla is the daughter of the pastor (Eric) of the church we are attending, and she came over to play this week.  They had a great time!

Kayla's brother, Aaron, came over, too, and the boys had fun shooting the Nerf guns. 

Paulos loves his light-up tennis shoes so much he wears them all the time, even with pajamas, until I make him take them off to go to bed. 

Yohannes thought it was so funny the first day he saw me exercise in the morning.  Now, he runs to put on his shoes and show me his tricks, like this backbend.  No, I do not do backbends.  He also likes to show me his pushups and crunches. 

The boys love their backpacks and wear them everywhere, filled with the things that belong to them, like books and jackets. 
Some of the boys that live near us gather in the pasture in front of our house frequently.  They have learned my boys' names.  Here they are showing us how they snap the whip they use to move cattle.

Easton tried, but just could not make the loud noise that the whip is supposed to make.  He needs more practice.

Yohannes took the whip and snapped it right away, just right! 
We had to go to the America World Adoption Agency office to pick something up this week. When we arrived, one of the workers gave Paulos this hat, scarf, and these glasses.  He was first in his class at school this semester, so he was rewarded.  He walks around with them saying, "Ee- tee- oh- pee- ah".  All the nannies informed me that he is "so smart" and they think he will be a scientist when he grows up.

Yohannes received a t-shirt with the Ethiopian alphabet for finishing his studies at the transition home.

I am thankful for: new friendships, soccer balls, and peanuts for a boy who doesn't like to eat. 


  1. Love it! I am excited for you for your husband and child to get back to you!

  2. What a wonderful family of 7 surrounded with so much love. Can't wait to meet Yohannes and Paulos.
    Dawn, it was wonderful to see Jayde both yesterday and again today. She is ready to return to you though.
    Love to all

    1. Miss you and love you, Nana! Can't wait to see you again!

  3. I'm glad Alan and Jayde are coming back your way- I know they missed you all so much. Everytime I saw your hubby, I gave him lots of hugs and told him "love you"(from you, of course :) Had a great time with Jayde at the lake. Plan on all 7 coming next year! Miss you guys- thanks for yesterdays post - it really humbled me and touched my heart. The way God touches and shapes our lives is AWESOME!
    Rob (The Dusse's)

    1. Thanks for telling my hubby I love him. Even if it came from a man! Thanks for hosting Jayde, she had a blast.