Friday, July 6, 2012

One Day in the Country is Worth 1000 in Town

Haven't you heard that before?  There's  a pillow in my house that says just that.  I love scenery and countryside.  Driving through this area of Ethiopia is just beautiful.  Mountains, rolling hills, pasture, huts, mud homes, animals, trees- it has it all.

There are no tractors.  No power equipment at all.  Plowing all this land is done with oxen, donkeys, old plows, and sweat equity.

Isn't this beautiful?

We see lots of huts and mud houses:
Children as young as kindergarten-looking age have jobs.  Many are shepherds, like this boy, waving whips at the cattle as they drive them to pasture.

We see tons of Acacia trees (I could not wait to see those in person here!) and Sausage trees:

And small villages that look like this:
Last week before Alan left, we were able to visit the Gorge, the "Grand Canyon" of Ethiopia.  It was beautiful!  Clear pictures were difficult to take because the sky was very cloudy.

The kids got out to climb on a large rock for a better view:
Behilu, our driver, took our family picture from the top overlooking the Gorge:

We saw baboons while we were there!  It was a highlight of the day for the kids.  We also saw a lemur, but it was gone before I could get a picture.  

These boys followed us at the Gorge to try to sell things to us- yes, we gave them some birr- they did a lot of walking for a few measly pennies!

One of the shepherd boys kept smiling at us and waving, so we shared our lunch with him.  Doesn't he have a great smile?
We drove on this bridge over the Blue Nile River at the bottom of the Gorge, after bribing the guard with a water bottle.

Ethiopia is beautiful!!

(*I'm posting the rest of the scenery pictures on Facebook)

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