Monday, July 16, 2012

Journey To Our Boys Video


  1. I love you Yohannas Corbin Kicklighter and Paulos Mason Kicklighter. I have hugs and kisses waiting for you here at home! I can't wait to meet my new nephews! Hurry home soon!! Much more love awaits you here!

    I love you,
    Aunt Becky

  2. I love you all!! Can't wait to welcome you home. Praise God! Love, the Guynn's

  3. God is Good - all the time!

    Welcome to your new family, Yohannas and Paulos Kicklighter! I am certain you are getting many, many hugs and kisses. You can never get too many hugs and kisses.

    You two also have a church family waiting to welcome you!

    God Bless you all!

  4. Welcome home Yohannas Corbin and Paulos Mason!! We are so happy that ya'll found each other!! May you all be blessed!!


  5. Listen, Boys. My name is Miss Melissa and I can not wait to hug your neck!
    I am so excited for you! You have been given the best parents and siblings you could ever ask for! You have been prayed over by an entire town! We have loved you for several months!
    Your family has been chosen just for you by a God who chose you to be His. What a wonderful story your life is!
    And, it's just getting started.
    Live your life honoring Jesus and thanking Him for the way He has made for you.
    You rock.
    Love you.
    Now, go kiss your momma.
    Miss Melissa Hale

  6. We are so excited for you all!! Jason is here and got to see the video also. He said to tell you he is so proud of you all!!! Can't wait to meet the boys.


  7. Welcome to your new family. You are so blessed to be a part of the Kicklighter family. They are wonderful and you will be so happy in your new home!!! Love, Autumn, Matt, Asher and Eli Sisk

  8. Wow - what a wonderful video! It brought tears to our eyes and more love in our hearts. Our families are going to have soooo much fun together!

    We can't wait to see everyone...Love The Dusses

  9. What a great video - Just watched it AGAIN, with TyLynn and we're both sitting here bawling! What joy we see in all your faces. What a blessing that you boys are now a part of the wonderful Kicklighter family. Just as surely, Yohannas and Paulos, you are truly a blessing to them!

    Your church family is excited to meet you, we've been praying for you a long time. Love, The Ebens

  10. What a great video. Just watched it AGAIN with TyLynn, and we were both bawling. Your faces show so much joy.
    What a blessing for you to become a part of the wonderful Kicklighter family. Just as,Yohannas and Paulos, you are such a blessing and answer to prayer for them.

    Your church family is anxious to meet you since we've been praying for you a long time. We can't wait to meet you both in person. Love, The Ebens

  11. One of the the wonderful patriarchs of our church, John MacInnes(now at home with his Lord)had a saying, "the older I get the more I believe we are all related". This adoption process that the Kicklighter family has commited to demonstrates how we are all "related" by,in and through faith INTO God's family. As Dawn has stated "children forever"! We are humbled, thankful and excited to be part of this eternal family and look forward to welcoming and hugging our two new members. Don and Jo Ann Mason

  12. Yay!!!! Praise God! Can't wait to meet them!Love, Jessica

  13. Wonderful news Dawn! Congratulations to your family! Love, Elizabeth

  14. Tears of Joy run down my cheeks. We have waited for so long and prayed so diligently for each step of the process that brought Yohannes and Paulos to your family. We are all blessed by having them as part of the family. God has created a beautiful family! From, Ann and Larry

  15. JD and I are so happy for you. You have remained faithful and now your dream has come true. They are precious boys and so fortunate to have a family like you guys. Can't wait to meet them! Love, Barbara

  16. We can't wait to meet the boys..we already feel as if they are so much apart of all our families...Love you all...Ken, Dottie, and Steven