Monday, July 16, 2012

Introducing......Yohannes and Paulos


We would like to introduce you to Yohannes Corban Kicklighter and Paulos Mason Kicklighter!

  This was our referral picture, the first one we ever saw of our sons. 

Yohannes is 10 years old.  His birthday is October 10.  He loves to play soccer.  We chose "Corban" for his American middle name, which means "a gift offered to God".  Our prayer for Yohannes is that his life will be a gift and that God will use him to bring glory to Him.

Paulos is 5 years old and his birthday is August 2.  We will be able to give him his first birthday party (neither boy has ever celebrated a birthday) in just a couple weeks.  He loves to play with blocks and puzzles. His middle name, "Mason", means "foundation builder".  We pray he will someday build foundations of his family and in his walk with Christ.  He was also named after a couple that was foundational in our lives, Don and JoAnn Mason. 

Both boys want to remain being called by their Ethiopian names, but they both love their middle names, too, and practice saying their full names every day.

This was our first picture as a family:
We're overjoyed to be able to share their faces with you at last! Praise God!!


  1. Oh Dawn, I have loved your blog. It has touched me many times. I have been praying for you all often. Love you, The Guynns

  2. Woot! Yay! Yay! Yay!! Doing cartwheels in the Seevers home this morning, on your behalf! Soo. Sooo. Soooo. Excited for you!!

    Hugs friend.

  3. Blessings to you and your wonderful family!

  4. What a beautiful newly expanded family!! The boys are so cute and look so happy. Praise God for making this happen! What a special birthday party coming up! Love and miss you all so much.

  5. Welcome Yohannes & Paulos to theyou Kicklighter Family! We are so excited for you both and can't wait to meet you. We have been praying for you and this day for a long time and are thankful for God's blessings! We look forward to spending time with you and getting to know you. You both are an answer to pray and a gift from God! Congrats from the Dusses!

  6. Wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!! Kim Morgan

  7. Yohannes and Paulos,
    Welcome to our family! We cannot wait for you to come home and be with us! We love you very much and are so happy today that you are part of our family.
    Love, Nanny and Papa

  8. Aaaahhhh!!! Yessss!!! Love it!! So exceed for you and those precious boys!! Good grief! I am freaking out!!

  9. Yay!!! Congratulations!! SO happy for all of you!
    Kind Regards,Allison A. Lee

  10. Congratulations to all of you Dawn! We are so happy for all of you, and can't wait to meet them, and welcome them into our AWESOME family! It's nothing short of amazing that you all have answered God's call and welcomed two beautiful, amazing boys into your hearts and home! Tell Alana and Easton we missed them at the beach, and can't wait to meet your new additions!
    Much Love,
    Jeff, Rachel, and boys

  11. Welcome, new Americans! Many people that don't even know your parents have been praying for you and your family! May your futures be as bright as the tears shining in your Mom's eyes when she got this news! God has worked miracles to place you in this family. Blessings to all of the Kicklighters!

    Dotti Putnam (Abigail, Naomi, Micah, Levi, Hannah & Joel's grandma)

  12. Yohannes and Paulos have been in our prayers since the first moment we saw them on the WCL. We have watched and prayed for your journey and so happy for your now forever family! Your journey continues to inspire us and remind us of following Gods will. Congratulations!

    -The Collins Family

  13. Today is the culmination of MANY, many prayers, Alan and Dawn your diligance to follow God's will and his word, lot's of Faith and Grace!! Thank you God for your perfect example of Adoption. Congratulations! Welcome Yohannes and Paulos welcome Home!!!

  14. Your family picture brought tears to my eyes! What an awesome gift from God these boys are. So happy for ALL of you!! Safe travels and many blessings as you enjoy each other!!
    Tammy Joyner

  15. We don't even know your family, but have been following this journey and praying you into their arms! Forever, Yohannes Corban and Paulos Mason Kicklighter! May you cut a wide swath for the for the Kingdom of God!

    -The Oberly Family

  16. So very excited for all of you! I have very much enjoyed watching your journey to adoption, and seeing God's blessings. It has truly blessed my heart. It has given me so much inspiration as our family is on our journey to adopt a little girl from China. I can't wait for that day! You have a beautiful family! Congratulations! :)

    ~Rebecca Renslow

  17. YAY!!! So happy the day we have all been praying for is finally here! Those are two PRECIOUS faces! We are so happy for you! Welcome to the family Yohannes and Paulos! We love you!
    Uncle Ryan, Aunt Ginger, and Bode

  18. Welcome, Yohannes and Paulos.
    I look forward to meeting both of you and
    getting to know you when you come to your
    new home and meet your new EPC family.
    In His love

  19. Welcome to the family, Yohannes and Paulos!! Your church family is looking forward to getting to know you both. May God bless you and keep you as you grow in his love.

    Melissa Nadwairski

  20. George and KelleyJuly 17, 2012 at 8:47 PM

    Welcome to the family Yohannes and Paulos! I am so excited to have two new cousins and to be able to spend time with them and get to know them and continue loving them. I can hardly wait to meet them and be albe to give them hugs and to make memories that will last us a lifetime. God has truly blessed our family with these two new precious boys. I am excited to see what God has planned for their lives and I am honored to be able to be a part of it. we love you Yohannes and Paulos and can not wait to meet you.
    George and Kelley

  21. Grandpa and I are so happy that Yohannes and Paulos are now a true part of our family. We have waited so long for the process to be completed and are praying that you will be able to return to Florida with them real soon. The seven of you make such a beautiful family. We love you all. Grandma

  22. We are so excited to meet with you..See you in America soon.
    -Fred Schreffler

  23. Can't wait to meet them!! Welcome to the family boys! :)
    -Holly Wolford

  24. can't wait to meet you Yohannes and Paulosl! I gave Jayde a hug today to give to you. Love, Nana