Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm On My Knees Begging, Won't You Read It?

Today I am not going to bore you with my words.  I am going to send you to someone else's words who is much more eloquent than I, and BEG you to read them.  Won't you please take a few minutes to click and read today?  It might change someone's life.  Maybe yours. 

Read this first (I know many of my friends have already read this one, but many more have not).  She says it better than I ever could.  The country may be different but the poverty and spirit is not.

When you have finished that one, please read this follow-up.  It only takes a minute.  What's a minute in a life-changing scenario?

It's real.  Please understand.  Please don't look the other way.  Do something.  Give something.  Anything. 

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