Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 4

Thought you'd like to know we smell better tonight.  Our water came back on this morning but there was not enough time for everyone to get a shower before we left to visit the boys.  After visiting the boys we went swimming at the Sheraton Hotel.  Walking into the hotel was a bit like stepping into America. It's definitely not something we will be able to do frequently, but we would like to take the boys one time after they come to live with us. The Sheraton lets you pay a fee per person to swim in their pool for the day and they provide the towels.  We met Levi (remember- founder of Bring Love In) with his children and also a woman named Tracy with 2 of her children and swam for a few hours.  Tracy needs prayer today, please.  She came to Ethiopia to bring home the two children she and her husband are adopting, but the Embassy did not clear them to come home.  It's been 7 weeks and she's still here, without her husband and 4 young bio children that are at home in California.  She is very homesick and lonely.  Please pray the Embassy will clear her THIS WEEK so she can be reunited with her family. 

Levi found out that the children from the orphanage that are being placed in their homes are being made by the government to wait until they finish this school year, even though some of them are much younger than school age.  There is another month of school to go here. In the meantime, they are now on call to receive any children that are called in emergency situations to be placed in the orphanage.  At any time of day or night, they can receive children.  Consider being a sponsor for a home!  Our family along with the Putnam family will be organizing some details of the new homes opening this summer.  Details like plumbing, painting, etc.  We won't necessarily be doing the work ourselves, but we will help make sure it gets done by local people.  (Aren't you glad we aren't attempting all the plumbing?)  Here are pictures of the first child in the first home:

Water tanks here are on top of houses. This one is next door.  I took this picture from the roof of our guest house.
 Water that is used for cooking goes through a filter that looks like this:
Our drinking water comes out of this:
Levi says we have the nicest looking kitchen in this guest house of all he's seen here.  Apparently the house was built by a man who was going to move in with his family, ran out of money, then moved (or something close to that, anyway). 

There is a lot of new construction going on in the city.  It's funny to see all these sticks everywhere, it's eucalyptus.  They use it for everything here!  Scaffolding, walls, telephone poles, etc. The frame of the houses are made of eucalyptus sticks nailed together, then they put concrete over the sticks. 
This is a typical road here in Addis- rocks and mud (sometimes some concrete on the main ones to go with the rocks and mud):

This is the stand next to our house where the kids walk to buy a soda or lollipop.
Please keep praying for our family.   We will meet with the in-country coordinator tomorrow to find out more about our case.  Love you all!

Today I am thankful for the feel of water on my skin, chapstick, dry towels after a shower, and goodnight kisses from my husband.

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  1. Keeping your family(&Tracy) in our prayers. The last 2 photos remind me of Nicaragua---I remember being so thrilled about getting an icy pop in a little place that looked like that---and being SO thankful for something icy cold after a month without-lol. Yes, we're spoiled here aren't we? Love to you all and hug ALL your kids for us!