Monday, June 11, 2012

Meeting Day

Yesterday we had a huge surprise.  We found out during breakfast that we would be able to meet our boys on Sunday, not Monday as we had planned.  Excited is not exactly an accurate word to describe our anticipation.  The meeting was overwhelming.

Driving up to the famous America World gate was surreal. 

 Scott videotaped our first moments together.  As soon as we pass court I will post the video and show pictures of our boys.  For now, we will post some shots from the back.

"Y" and "P" came running to us immediately when we walked into the America World gate.  Everyone was able to give hugs.  We went over to the porch where some couches are located to talk to the boys for a few minutes.  Then we played.  We brought water guns for our kids to play with and handed out bubbles to the kids at the Transition House. 

Easton and "Y" immediately stuck to each other, walking to play together like this:
 "Y" has a sweet heart and disposition, which was evident immediately after meeting him. "P" is curious and loves to be tickled.  Here is "P" with Alan:

"P"'s glasses are absolutely not doing a thing for him.  He cannot see unless something is right up next to his eyes.  We will be thankful to be able to bring him to a doctor in the U.S. to see what can be done to help him.

"Y" enjoyed using my camera to take pictures and both boys loved looking at photos.  "P" knew all his colors and liked the book, The Five Ducklings. "Y" kicked the soccer ball with Alan, Jayde, Alana, and Easton, which he said is one of his favorite things to do.  Plant City soccer league will definitely have a new player next spring!  "P" liked chasing people with water guns, especially squirting it in his own face in the process.

Our first meeting lasted about 2 1/2 hours.  Today we were able to go back and be with them again for a couple hours this morning.  Here are our five children:
We can't wait to be able to parent them full-time.  Leaving each day after a couple hours is going to be hard.  Our last words to each other each day are "tomorrow" and "I love you".  We hope to prove we will always come back for them.

Today we found out that our missing document is a required interview with the birth mother.  This will be taking place on June 18th.  After that, our paperwork will be reviewed for 10 days and then we can be issued a court date, hopefully for the last week in June or first week in July. 

Please pray for our family as we make the half-hour car trip each day to see the boys.  Pray our hearts will be molded to theirs.  Pray for our boys to be patient as they wait.  Pray for our boys birth mom, who can not take care of her sons and instead of them spending their lives in an orphanage, or situations that aren't good, like they've been in for the last two years, wants them to be loved in a home. Just pray.  Thank you!


  1. Oh, my heart is overwhelmed with joy and tears. I love these pictures. Aunt Becky is truly proud of Jayde, Alana, Easton, Y, and P.also, Dawn and Alan. Prayer #2 court date to be set and to pass the first time! I will pray for their mom,for your hearts to be one as a family in love and purpose to what God has so clearly called you all too. Your lives and testimony are changing much more than all 7 of you. It is changing all those watching this unfold. Praise God! You are investing in the only two things that are eternal--people and the Word or God--Jesus! Thank you for trusting and obeying!!

  2. This is fabulous. What a miracle!
    You are raising the standard, Sister.
    Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

  3. Tears of joy for your family and new kids! We are praying for you.

  4. Thank you for sharing your exciting day with us! We can't wait for our own exciting meeting day with Y&P when you finally get to bring them home. Safe travels for you as you visit the boys and prayers for a quick court date.

    Keep us posted!!!

    Love, The Dusses