Friday, June 15, 2012

Adoption Update: Day 5

"In most ways parenting is parenting, and growing up is growing up.  It's always hard.  Some unique challenges go along with adoption- challenges related to finding a sense of belonging, to discipline and discipleship, to answering questions about origins.  Count these as all joy.  They point all of us- not just kids who were adopted- to the gospel.  The gospel welcomes us and receives us as loved children. The gospel disciplines us and prepares us for eternity as heirs.  The gospel speaks truth to us and shows us our misery in Adam and our glory in Christ.  The gospel shows us that we were born into death and then shows us, by free grace, that we're adopted for life." - Russell Moore

This afternoon we received information that was a huge surprise and I am so nervous!  Monday afternoon at 1:00 (6:00 a.m. Florida time) we will be able to interview our boys birth mother with an interpreter.  This is a complete shock.  The boys father is deceased and their mother was taken from them (I can't give details, just know she can not see them until after they are adults) and can't take care of them.  We were told from the beginning that it would be impossible to ever meet her.  But today we found out the court is bringing her in to interview her (required for adoption with a living birth parent) and we will be able to talk to her first.  That's four days from now.  Four days from now we will look in the face of the woman who gave birth to our boys and be able to talk to her, hear her testimony, and reassure her.  Usually families are allowed to video tape the interview.  We're hoping this will be the case with us as well.  We'd like to have a tape of the boys' mother for them to see one day.  Please pray before you go to bed Sunday night, for us, the birth mom, and our boys. 

I've been thinking a lot today about the boys' past: father's death, mother taken away, abusive situations, things they may have witnessed that even though they were young, and those are enough to haunt them.  I think about how Satan could use all these details to ruin their lives:  giving them bitterness, unforgiveness, even hatred in their hearts.  I can not change their past, so I pray.  I pray that they will know the only thing that can remove them from the enemy's grasp: Jesus.  The relationship that will mean the most.  The only one that really counts in this life.  Do they know Him yet?  Do they know the One who made them in His image, who breathed life into them, who placed them in their mother's womb?  And I beg for them the way I beg for my other 3 children. In the end it all comes down to salvation.  Not a college degree, not material success, not a perfect husband or wife, not well behaved children.  Do they know, really know, the author of life, the creator, the Saviour ?  So for every day of their lives I will appear before the throne room of grace to plead on their behalf.  That is the only thing I can control.  My words to the Father. I can not control any other aspect of their lives or mine, but I will be thankful. 

"The only real prayers are the ones mouthed with thankful lips.  Because gratitude ushers into the other side of prayer, into the heart of the God-love, and all power to change the world resides here in His love.  Prayer, to be prayer, to have any power to change anything must first speak thanks:"in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God"(Phil. 4:6) "First, I tell you to pray for all people, asking God for what they need and being thankful to him" (1 Tim. 2:1).  Prayer without ceasing is only possible in a life of continual thanks.  How did I ever think there was another way to enter into His courts but with thanksgiving?" - Ann Voscamp, 1000 Gifts.

Scenes from today:

This is Jayde's favorite post, the top of our courtyard wall overlooking the neighborhood children playing soccer.  Alan and Scott took the kids down there one evening and played soccer with them.  There was quite a crowd.

We stopped at this stand for laundry baskets and night stands for the guest house.  The man uses his teeth to shred eucalyptus and weaves it into baskets and short shelves.  The kids thought it was cool (so did I).
Alan has learned the words for "too much"  to be able to negotiate prices down.  That's my hubby, alright. 
The basket makers were having coffee (as usual) and burning incense.

Part 2:  Internet went out again last night as I wrote this post, so here's the rest.
We were invited to a going-away party for a family at the church last night.  This is a slab of raw meat that is considered a delicacy here:

Yes, my husband tried this delicacy, and ended up being violently ill in the middle of the night.  It was not pretty.  I don't foresee any more raw meat in his future. 

Today I am thankful for: cool breezes through open windows, socks on cold feet, and sore muscles from working out with Natalie for the first time yesterday morning.

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  1. Dawn & Family,

    Let me begin by telling you how much I look forward to reading your blog each day - it is a highlight and the guys here at work are starting to figure out if I look weepy it's because of something written in your blog.

    You are all in my prayers and most assuredly this upcoming Sunday. I can't even imagine the questions you and Alan may want to ask or answers you may not want to hear... I take great comfort in knowing God is in control.

    I pray for travel mercies for the entire family and realize you all have been blessed beyond compare.

    Thank you for sharing, for making me laugh, cry and appreciate water coming out of my faucets whenever I turn the faucets.

    God Bless you all and keep you close in his heart and arms!

    Cindy Benning/EPCPC