Friday, May 18, 2012

March Madness

To my family that uses this blog to keep up with us:  I am behind.  Did you notice?  Let's replay from March...........

"Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?"  (That's a nursery rhyme, honey.)  The Kicklighter family garden was planted the last week in February, and when it began popping up in March, this is how it looked:

The last few weeks we have been picking and putting up all the garden goodies, so it doesn't look like that anymore!

Easton had a busy month in March.  He began his after-the-Strawberry-Festival time by spending hours drawing a replica of our house on the carport with sidewalk chalk.  It was completed with our long driveway winding around my Suburban.

On St. Patrick's Day, Easton celebrated his birthday with two friends at an ice-hockey rink.  No, they did not play hockey.  They went to shoot at each other in laser tag.  (I decided I would love to go to the ice hockey rink every day in the summer.  If I lived closer I would smuggle in books and snacks and wear a sweater and scarf and pretend I was up north in winter.  I'm sure my children are now relieved we don't live within easy driving distance.  Can't you hear it?  "What does your mom do for fun?"  " mom sits in a chair in a freezing room reading a book because she doesn't like the heat in Florida."  Yeah, that would go over well.)
After shooting at each other and burning off calories, the boys refueled with Chinese food.  They managed to put a lot of food away.  Just wait until they're teenagers!

The evening of St. Patty's Day our youth group had a fundraiser dinner at church.  Jayde was a server. 
Easton's family party took place at our house, as usual, and he loved this present:  a necklace.  He asked for months for a "boy" necklace, since he has two uncles that wear "boy" necklaces, and he wants to be just like them.
Gifts are always fun.....

And cookie cake is always delicious.....

But the best part is always having your family there to celebrate your life!

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