Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Waiting Again.... What?

Yesterday we received news from our adoption agency that they cannot give us a court date yet because the Ethiopian government wants more paperwork from the orphanage the boys were in.  It was quite a blow, believe me.  I fully expected a phone call telling us our court date would be the first week in May.  The typical time frame the past few months has been almost exactly 8 weeks from referral to court date, and that would put us at the first week in May.  But, not now.  They cannot give us any kind of time frame.

Okay.  I'm trying to be positive here.  Bear with me because what I really want to do is put on my pajamas, curl up watching a sappy movie in my bedroom alone with a glass of wine, and cry.  A lot. 

Now that you know how I really feel, I'll share what I need to focus on.  The bright side.  Like my favorite movie of all time, Pollyanna. 

Soooo, let's play the "glad game".  If you are not familiar with the glad game, head on over to your Netflix account and rent Pollyanna.  Okay?  Because everyone should know how to play.

I will choose to be glad about this stinkin' waiting process for the following reasons (Ugh! I have tears already as I write this. Happiness is a choice, people, and I want to make that choice):

1)  I am practicing how to wait on the Lord.

2)  I have more time to finish the boys' room, which I started painting yesterday.  We still need to get beds and finish the room.

3)  There's more time to make sure all the paperwork on our end is complete and waiting for us in Ethiopia.  We have two more pieces of paper being mailed off today to be state certified.

4)  More time to finish the long list of adoption books and teaching videos I wanted to finish before we meet the boys.

5)  More time to learn some Amharic words.

6)  A bit more time to finish making our decision about whether we can stay in Ethiopia between court and embassy.  We're leaning in that direction but we're waiting on a clear answer from God.

7)  More time to complete the extensive to-do list of everything that has to be taken care of if we stay in Ethiopia for 3 months.  It is a REALLY LONG list.

8)  The children have more time to finish their schoolwork for this year and be tested.

9)  I can lose a few pounds of this "adoption stress weight" before I leave.  This is a stretch, I know.  But there's always hope, right? :)

10)  If we're still here when our garden is ready, I can put up produce without having to ask other people to help.  We'll get our entire year's supply of corn, peas, green beans, pickles (cucumbers) and okra from this garden, along with half a year's supply of onions and some tomatoes and squash.

11) There's a bit more time to earn/raise money for the trip and also collect donations to take with us.

12)  Alan and I can spend more time with our bio kids before we leave, because soon their world is going to be rocked, and we want to make sure we're on solid ground with them.

My mantra is "The joy of the Lord is my strength!" and I go around singing it in my head to remind myself that He sees the big picture.  I am sure that two years from now I'll look back on these weeks and it will seem like nothing.  It's in the moment that I get sidetracked with anxiety. 

Please pray for our family.  Not just the ones here in Plant City, but especially our boys, who are waiting for a family.  They are waiting for a mom and dad to kiss their boo-boos, read to them, pray with them, and tuck them in at night. They need some medical care that they can only get here in the U.S., and longer the wait, the higher chance their problems won't be able to be corrected.  God will supply their every need, but we as believers are commanded to pray.  So I will pray in faith.  Join me in praying and playing the glad game. 


  1. Oh my goodness. I can't imagine this turmoil of waiting. Love y'all. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with your boys, too. :) Can't wait to meet 'em.