Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Urgency of the Need

Yesterday I received an update from another AWAA mom who is flying back from Ethiopia today.  I want you to read exactly what she wrote regarding the situation in the orphanages and the need for donations.

"We're taking the remainder of our donations to a government orphanage this morning. We made a last minute change in plan, after hearing that the government orphanages are in the worst shape.

After seeing the conditions of the orphanages ourselves, we feel even more passionate about collecting donations to bring back with us next time. We have a clearer understanding of the greatest needs. And we hope to help other traveling families fill their donation space as well. Because 200 lbs. of donations doesn't go very far when it's divided among more than one depleted orphanage, but if we all work together we could start to make a difference.

She goes on to list some things they need, and most are on our donation list.  But, she also says that formula is the most dire concern right now.  So let's keep that formula money coming!  We're up to........

$340.00 for formula! 

If you missed the donation list, here it is again:

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