Saturday, March 17, 2012

Plant Show and Sale

All 3 of our children are in 4-H.  This was Alana's first year showing plants at the Strawberry Festival.  The plants were purchased at the beginning of the fall, then taken care of until the Festival.  The girls had to water, prune, and fertilize the plants. 

Some of the plants were sold at a silent auction.  Here's Alana looking cute and talking to potential buyers:

Each child picked one group of plants to sell at the live auction.  They had to carry one of the plants around the ring during the bidding.  The next picture is of Alana working the crowd.  She made $305.  We allow each child to have $75 to spend any way they choose (after tithing), and the rest goes into their savings account. 

Jayde was an old pro.  This was her 4th (I think) year showing plants:

Jayde made $430.  She had a few more plants to sell than Alana.

Each student was required to keep a book of records detailing their plants and expenses.  These books will be judged and the 1st-3rd place winners will receive additional money.

The Plant Show and Sale is a great way for kids to learn business skills they can use in the future.

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