Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our God Is Greater

When we received our referral Thursday night, I was shocked.  I didn't think we'd get a referral until at least the fall. I cried when our coordinator called to give us the news.  Then I opened the boys file and read about their lives, and my heart was burdened.  I walked around for a couple days in shock, excited, but almost numb, my mind trying to process everything I had read.  

I was worried.  Worried we won't be enough for the boys.  Worried because I know they are going to need so much healing.  Worried that we won't have the money to supply all their medical needs.   You name it, I worried about it.   

Oh, what God has done in the past couple days!  He has absolutely let me know that I was right.  Alan and I are not enough for our boys.  But HE IS.  God is enough.  God will supply their needs.  He'll give us the information we need, He'll give us the counselors and doctors we need.  He'll give us the support we need. 

For months I have prayed that whoever God had picked for our family would be children that Jesus died for, children that will come to our home and hear about Jesus love for them and eventually know that Jesus brought them to us.  I believe God answers prayers made in faith, and after seeing the way God orchestrated the timing of the events that led to our referral, I KNOW that these are the boys that we are supposed to parent.

I did not expect the undeniable rush of love God gave me for these 2 boys over the last couple days.  I already love them.  I love them!  MY boys!  They have already transitioned from faces on my computer screen to places in my heart.  Praise God for that because I can't explain it! 

The computer has become a welcome resource with information on possible doctors for the boys' medical issues and counselors for the future.  As I've fully gone into protective mother-bear mode, God has brought the song Our God Is Greater, by Chris Tomlin, into my head over and over.  If you catch me alone, you'll find me singing it!

Here's the link to the song so you can hear it (this version is nice because the lyrics are on the screen):

God is greater, higher, healer, and awesome in power.  God is enough.

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  1. Oh, Dawn, I love reading your blog...following your journey and hearing your heart. We are praying for you! Our God is greater!