Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grandmother's Desk

Ever since my Grandmother's funeral, I've wanted to post these pictures.  The above pic is of her desk.  For 40 years, she worked at Williams in Dade City, FL.  Her co-workers loved her, the customers knew her, and her bosses revered her.  She was a legend at Lunch on Limoges. 

The evening of her funeral, the owners of Williams generously invited her family members and friends to drive to the store/restaurant where she spent so much of her time and have a meal together.  We were able to witness the flowers and picture that the employees placed on her desk that week.

Grandmother actually had her stroke while at work.  The employees at Williams left her desk untouched except for 2 vases of flowers and a picture. 

The frame on the left hand side of the desk held a picture of Grandmother and my cousin, Jacob, who shared her birthday.  The couch of bears had the name of all seven of her daughters. Notes were there with her handwriting.
It was very fitting that her great-grandchildren felt comfortable enough to sit and hang out on her chair talking and laughing.  She would have been pleased.

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