Monday, March 19, 2012

A Gift From Grandmother

Not much has been disclosed about what Alan's been going through in business lately.  It's challenging, to say the least.  We have such a financial testimony reaching back to the beginning of our marriage.  Some day I'll share details about it.  We've made lots of mistakes, learned a lot, taught a lot, and God always comes through.

Our thermometer went up $1000 today.  We received a gift from my Grandmother.  What?  How's that possible?  You may be asking those questions, since my Grandmother passed away recently. 

We had NO idea that my Grandmother had been saving for years in an account designated for her grandchildren.  Her instructions upon her death were for that account to be split among all 15 of us.  Each of us received a check this week (a complete surprise).  After tithing, we have approximately $1000 to add to our adoption fund. 

My Grandmother was such a gift to us, and she was a giver!  She still, even today, continues to give.  That's a legacy.  I'm so thankful for her life and all her gifts.

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