Monday, January 9, 2012


I love words.  Big ones, small ones.  I love the way words can make you feel.  Words make you laugh, cry, evoke anger, long for something or someone, make you hungry, smile, frown, purse you lips, and raise your eyebrows.  Words especially make you brain go into overdrive!  Words are fascinating!

Maybe that's why I love to study God's word.  I'm not talking basic Beth Moore, people (no offense against Beth Moore Bible studies, they are great).  Not spiritual milk.   I want the meat!  Studying the Greek and Hebrew meanings, root words, and counting how many times a particular word is used in each capacity gives me goosebumps. 


I said it. That's okay with me.  Took the words right out of your mouth, didn't I?

Our house is filled with words.  You could spend some time walking into each room and reading the signs, but that's how I learn.  I read.  So I surround myself and my family with words.  Truth. 

Or just opinions.  Here's one I'm fond of.  An opinion, that is:

Please excuse the cheap camera glare from the flash.  I never claimed to be a photagrapher!

Some truth from the living room:

From the dining room:

The kitchen:

The bedroom:

Schoolroom.  Oh boy, do we need this in our sarcasm-comes-so-easily family:

Hallway I get to change this one to say whatever I want.  Often I walk by to find one of the children has changed it to say whatever they want, too.  Love it:

Hand written Scripture.  Not just for my kids, mind you, but for me first and foremost:

Ever heard of the dictionary game?  A nerd game, okay?  Try this on a stormy night when your electricity goes out and you have no TV available.  Maybe then it'll fly with your family.  You open the dictionary to a random page and choose a word.  Read the word aloud, but not the definition.  Everyone else guesses what they think the word means.  You may not believe it, but you can bust a gut laughing so hard when everyone gives off-the-wall definitions.  If they actually get it right, they get a piece of candy.  (In our house, candy is the ultimate prize.  They take after me.)  My favorite dictionary to use is the Webster's 1828 Dictionary.  It is nothing like the modern dictionary. 

An example of how un-modern the definitions are is the word "Truth".  Well, it's not that the definitions are wrong.  They are just based on God's Word.  Imagine that!  The word "Truth" in the 1828 dictionary has 13 possible variations or meanings after it.  Here are a few: 
1) Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be.  The truth of history constitutes its whole value. We rely on the truth of the scriptural prophecies.  "My mouth shall speak truth".  Prov. 8  "Sanctify them through the truth;  thy word is truth."  John 17.
10) Sincerity.  God is a spirit and they that worship him must "worship in spirit and in truth."  John 4.
11)  The truth of God, is his veracity and faithfulness. 
12) Jesus Christ is called the truth.  John 14.

Those are just some of the variations of "Truth".  

I wonder what Noah Webster would say if he read the dictionary printed in 2012.  Words are powerful.  Use them wisely.  Or don't use them at all.  Build each other up, don't tear down.  Love one another.  Do it with your words!

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