Monday, January 30, 2012

We've Gone to the Dogs

I have no idea what the saying means, "We've gone to the dogs," I just felt it was appropriate.  I'll have to google it. 

Anyway, the week before Christmas we adopted two dogs from the SPCA.  Long story.  We already had 2 outside dogs, 2 donkeys, 30 chickens, cows, and a miniature goat.  The difference is these 2 new dogs are INSIDE dogs. 

While growing up I had a couple indoor pets at various times but they consisted of a parakeet and fish.  Never a dog (though when I was little we did have an outside dog that I barely remember).  I am much more of a farm animal person than an indoor pet person.  I'm not sure why.  However, I have one daughter in particular who llooooovveesss animals and has begged for years for a dog who could sleep with her in her room. 

Let me introduce you to Cashmere:

And Oscar:

They came with their names.  Alana is having a wonderful time playing with Cashmere.  Here they are as "prairie girls":

Since the dogs have lived here, Easton and Alana have both been sleeping on the couch with a dog beside them (so much for sleeping together in their rooms, for now).  When Alan wakes up, they migrate to our room, and usually at some point I find them all like this:

They are in love. 

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