Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pot Band

I forgot to show you what we did New Years Eve.  We were staying in Georgia at my in-law's second home.  Usually we are with our friends in Tennessee and we bring sparklers, noise makers, blowers, and hats.  This year, due to some family circumstances, we were unable to visit them.  I totally forgot all the usual goodies we play with on New Years Eve when we left our house.  So we improvised!  At midnight, we let the kids go outside (it was freezing and Alana was in shorts, I know, but hey, we're Floridians, so I'm just going to claim that we didn't know any better) and bang pots.  Oh yeah, a joyful noise.  The poor neighbors!

The pot band was spectacular.  Oh, ah, by the way, Grandma, we owe you a small frying pan that got dented when your grandson showed how forcefully he could hit a pan so all of Glennville could hear.  I'll replace it before your next trip to Georgia!


  1. Hi, I came across your blog through another. We are also adopting from Ethopia through AWAA. I just had to comment when seeing your post about banging pots & pans on New Years as this was a tradition that my family did growing up. Many great memories!
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