Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Loux Family

Today I am going to link you to another blog that is hard to read.  Hard as in difficult emotionally to comprehend.  It's the Loux family.  You may recognize them.  Derek Loux was a Christian music artist who was killed in a car accident two years ago.  He and his wife adopted multiple children, including many special needs children.  Renee now keeps up the blog and is working on a book.

The first post you will see, the latest one, is shocking.  Some of you will see the pictures and think, "Why did she have to post those?  What will that accomplish?"  But I encourage you to keep reading.  Not just that post.  Read all the way down the page and meet their family.  Including some of those special children.  She is trying to open the eyes of people all over the world to the fact that God sets the lonely in families.  That every child is worth it. 

Get out your Kleenex.  Get out your coffee.  Sit down for a beautiful read that's worth it because children are worth taking the time to see and understand.

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