Sunday, January 15, 2012

Intentional Bonding

The research required by our adoption association is phenominal and at times overwhelming (lots of reading).  While I am an avid reader, Alan is not.  We have found a way around this for the most part.  It may sound silly, but it works for us.  On all long trips to family members houses and sometimes at night, I read out loud to him.  That way I get to read at the same time and we can discuss what we are learning instead of just doing it individually.  Sometimes when there are a lot of boring parts (statistics, etc.) I can filter the information and give him the highlights.  This technique is letting us have some great discussions that would have been missed if we read in our own little compartmentalized brains.

Many of the books we've read have been eye opening about the bonding process.  The good thing is, some of these books in particular that I will share in a future post about adoption resources, have been full of strategies to help in my parenting right now.  I don't have to wait to implement them!  My family is already benefitting from the information.

One of the ideas Alan and I have yet to finalize (we probably have a very long wait ahead of us so there's plenty of time yet) is our attachment plan once we are home.  I'd like to share the blog posts of a fellow AWAA adoptive mom who is actually leaving today to go to Ethiopia and pick up her son.  She shares her family's plan in 3 parts.  I'm posting this so you can get an idea of what we may do in the future.  Thanks, Olivia!

Part one is August 18th.  You can click on Part 2 (January 13) and then she has a link at the beginning of that post to get to Part 1 (hope that makes sense).  Part 3 is January 14.  They are not very long, try to read them in order:!/2011/08/being-intentional-about-bonding-are.html

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