Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ugly Sweater Party 2011

December is absolutely my favorite month of the year.  The month is focused on celebrating the gift of God's Son come to earth - Jesus.  There are fun traditions, too, that we enjoy, which give us the gift of fellowship.  This is our second year hosting an Ugly Sweater Party.  Friends are invited to come if they choose in an ugly sweater, but they don't have to participate.  We eat together, then vote on the most creative outfit.  That person wins a prize - something tacky to go with their outfit.  This year we had an adult division and a child division. It was a fun night. 

Alan and I are excluded from the voting process.  Don't you love his woman's v-neck sweater?  (Thanks, mom):

We love seeing the way everyone's ensembles.  This is Sheri in her tree glasses:

Marie (I actually think she looks pretty in her tacky sweater:)

Shari decided to pin a door hanger onto her sweater:

Kelley and George looking mighty fine:

Matt and Courtney (love the socks with the flip flops):

Kevin and Shelley:  Shelley is very crafty.  This sweater bottom is actually a hoola-hoop!  She looked like a Christmas tree!

The younger people had fun, too:

Don't you love Rob's homemade ornament earrings?

This is Jen and Becky.  

The Murrell family:


The judging for the children left us with 3 finalists:

Easton was eventually voted the winner after pinning everything representing Christmas her could find to his shirt, including potholders:
His prize was a dancing chicken, which he was required to imitate:

Here are the adult participants at the start of the judging:

Our two finalists:  Shelley and Rob

And the winner is.....Shelley, the Christmas tree!  For her prize she received a Santa toilet bowl set.

I got a close up of Jen's sweater because it was so perfect for Florida- notice the flamingos pulling Santa's sleigh?

This is everyone who was left at the end of the night! 

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