Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Turner Family

For years in Plant City, our best friends were the Turner family.  It is a rare thing for a husband to have a best friend and his wife also be best friends with the wife.  Usually if the wife has a best friend, the husbands get along good or tolerate each other, or vice versa.  In our case we were very blessed to have a once-in-a-lifetime friendship with Jeff and Melissa.  A couple years ago, in a series of family events, they moved to Tennessee.  It was an extrememly hard time.  We helped them move, then had to go back home.  Since that time, we have stayed in close contact and see each other a few times a year.  Our families have the kind of friendship where you pick right back up where you left off.  During our trip to North Carolina in December, we drove a couple of hours to Tennessee and stayed with the Turners for 3 days.  Here is their beautiful home:

Our days were spent playing- games like football and shooting bb guns:



Riding their horses:

Making s'mores in the wood-burning fireplace:

Cooking together:

and watching some beautiful sunsets:

While we were in Tennessee, we had the opportunity to visit The Exchange Place in Kingsport, TN.  The Exchange Place is a pioneer town that opens a few weekends a year to give people a chance to experience what life may have been like in the days of the early settlers.  The weekend we were in Tennessee happened to be the annual Christmas festival.  There were activities to participate in and vendors selling local crafts and food.

The girls made candles by walking around an open fire with a pot of hot wax and dipping the wicks over and over into the wax.

Here are Jayde and Madison with their finished candles:

Alana with her candle:

Easton sat for a looonnnnggg time watching this 14 year old boy chop wood.  He was itching to do it, too.

We watched a blacksmith make horseshoes:

Easton helped a man make a wooden bowl:

Blake and Easton had fun hanging out together:

Each time we visit with our friends, we are sad to part ways.  God has truly blessed us with the Turner family.  We are very thankful to have them in our lives!

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