Friday, December 30, 2011

Raising a Modern Day Princess

Raising a Modern Day Princess is a program put out by Doreen Hanna, founder of Treasured Celebrations.  A group of girls, ages middle school and high school, meet together for 10 weeks.  Each week covers a different topic and many weeks have guest mentors invited to facilitate the discussions.  Topics include personalities, etiquette, boys, modesty, relationships with moms and dads, friends, goals, etc.  There is homework in the form of a journal every week.  My friend, Karis, and I led a group of girls this fall through the program.  The celebration ceremony was held in November.  Jayde was one of the girls in the program along with Karis' daughter, Grace.  The ceremony was one of the highlights of Jayde's life to this point.  Every girl got up to speak in front of all the families and guests and gave a testimony.  Then each girl's father spoke a blessing over her.  It was powerful!  Our pastor graciously gave of his time and delivered a message on the meaning, history, and purpose of blessings.  If you'd like more information about the program, you can visit the website here:

Jayde was giving her testimony in this picture:

Then Alan spoke his blessing over her.  He did a great job. 

Dad and daughter together after the ceremony:

Matt and Courtney came to support Jayde:
Karis and I with all the girls:

My mom made a cake for the reception afterward that had all the girls names on it:

Thanks, mom!

Me and Alan:

Karis and her husband, Chris:

Our pastor, Don, and his wife, JoAnn:

All the girls and their dads:

Being silly:

Siblings that hopefully one day will go through the program, too (that's Alana with Karis' youngest daughter, Hope):

More parents (Rob and Sheri):

Jim and Shari (thanks to Jim, we have a video tape of the ceremony):

It was such a special night, one that we will remember the rest of our lives.  If you have a teenage girl and are able to look into the Raising a Modern Day Princess program, do it!

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