Thursday, December 29, 2011

October Highlights- Part 3

Our town is home every March to the Strawberry Festival.  This Festival is one of the largest and nicest in the country.  Jayde has participated in the 4-H plant show and sale before and this is Alana's first year.  They purchased their plants in October and began taking care of them.  They will sell them at the Festival and use that money for college.  They get about $50 to spend and the rest piles into their savings accounts.  

While Alan was in Georgia hunting one weekend, I took the kids to Cornfusion, a local corn maze on a farm.  They had snowcones:

Everyone had an opportunity to shoot 2 water bottles into the gigantic target:

We walked around the corn maze.  Remember people, this is Florida, not Iowa.  The corn was short.  The maze trail was no secret.  It was really hot outside.  But we still had fun.

Easton played flag football for the first time this fall and absolutely loved it!  He looked so cute in his uniform every week. 

The week before Halloween our family hosted a fall festival for the youth group at our church.  Our youth pastor planned a variety of fun and silly activities which included scarecrow stuffing (yes, there's actually a body in there):

Hanging out with friends:

Bobbing for apples (no, I did not wish to stick my head in there after a bunch of sweaty people's heads and mouths had been dunked in the water):

Everyone roasted s'mores:

All the games were boys vs. girls.  Here's the pumpkin throwing contest.  They threw the pumpkins as a team to see how far in the pasture they would roll:

The highlight of the night was a hayride down the road.  I could hear them all singing and laughing the whole time from our yard.  They all looked like they had a good time.

Alan was the driver :)

The day before Halloween, the kids carved pumpkins.  Easton traced his creation:

Jayde pulled out the seeds and carved the face with her friend, Hannah:

Alana and her friend, Sarah, were a team:

Easton had a mean face:

Jayde decided hers looked like a grandpa with dentures:

Alana's was laughing, just like her:

Some years for Halloween we have chosen to stay home and have people over, doing things like watching, "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".  Some years we go to a friend's house.  Usually if we go somewhere, it's to our friends, the Dusse's.  They live in a suburban neighborhood on a cul-de-sac with lots of places to go trick-or-treating.  They invited us to join them again this year.  Jayde was a skeleton (lovely, right?):

Easton was a ninja:

Here is Jayde with her friends:

Me with my friends Sheri (it was her house), Shari (yes, you read that right, there are two of them), and Cindy (I love them all dearly!):

Alana was a fairy:

Easton had his picture taken with Mr. Jim (Shari's husband), who was dressed in a real ninja costume with a real sword.  Easton thought it was too cool.

I think that gets us through October! 

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