Tuesday, December 13, 2011

October Highlights - Part 1

Yes, it's December.  I realize this.  I am way behind on a lot of to-do's. Here are some highlights from October.

The very beginning of October, Easton got into poison ivy....on his face!  He looked like this:

Not good, because it was the week before my niece's wedding, in which he was supposed to be the ring bearer.  Thankfully, by the time the wedding arrived, he looked normal.

This is the wedding rehersal night:

The "ring security":

Alana was the flower girl. She loves big dresses and big hair. You should've seen the hair from the back!  My friend, Jen, did all our hairdo's. Jen is a fellow homeschooling momma who used to be in banking.  She should've gone to cosmetology school because she is very talented at updo's. Thanks, Jen!

Easton in his tux.  What a handsome boy.  Don't you love a man in a suit?

Jayde in her junior bridesmaid dress.  She looked so mature and beautiful:

My niece, Courtney, being prepped by her mom and sister before pictures:

This next one is the kids and me during picture time.  I realized after wedding was over we never had a picture taken of all five of us including Alan, who was a groomsman.  That made me a little sad.

My gorgeous niece, Courtney, looked stunning in her dress.  My camera does not take good pictures.  I can't do it justice. Magnify how beautiful she is here about a hundred times and you might come close to how she looked that night. 

This is Matt and Courtney.  We introduced them a year ago!  It's our family claim to fame - we found Matt!  He is such a blessing.

This picture is of our family with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law.  It's a good picture but we are missing the sweet baby that was born to my sister and Ryan on November 17th.  He was in her belly in this picture.

Moving on:  Jayde practiced her face painting in October.  She has a special talent for face painting.  Here is Alana as a cat:

And Easton as a dog:

At the beginning of October Alan and I ran a half-marathon relay with friends at Disney World. It was Alan's first race.  The race began at 10:00 at night. For a morning person like me, thinking about running at night made me anxious.  But when the race started, my adreneline kicked in and it was actually pretty cool to run in the dark.  Especially because we live in Florida and it was hot outside.  Running in the dark let us avoid the direct heat from the sun.

These are our friends, Gary and Monica:

This is Rob and Sheri:

And here we are, all sweaty after the race:

Sheri made the girls cute t-shirts that we wore to the party after the race.  Disney let us all go to Epcot when the race was finished and enjoy a private party at the Food and Wine Festival.  Yum!

The next day we lounged around the hotel after sleeping until lunchtime.  Then we went out to dinner.

Part 2 updates coming......

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