Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

December!  Christmas!  Love it! Love the activities.  Love the focus on Jesus.  Love the time with family.  Love the lights.  Love the giving.  I could keep going like the Energizer bunny. 

Ice skating is an activity that not everyone in Florida has experienced before.  For a few weeks each December, our local civic center freezes the floor and offers ice skating to the public.  We go at least one time with our family and skate together.

Jayde is naturally athletic and tears up the ice!

Alana and I take a while to get going, but after we warm up, we do okay.

Easton is small and not afraid to fall.

This is our niece, Kelley, with Alana and Jayde:

On Fridays during the school year, the kids participate in Calvary Baptist Church's "Friday School", where they take electives like choir, drama, art, home economics, and P.E.   The classes put on a Christmas program.  Alana and Easton sang with the elementary choir.

Jayde sang with the middle school choir.

Alana was in the elementary drama presentation.  She is the one with the yellow suitcase.
Jayde invited her 3 good friends from Calvary over to have some country fun after the program.  They rode the golf cart and 4-wheeler, roasted s'mores, jumped on the trampoline, and ate dinner together.

I wish I could keep Christmas decorations up longer than the three weeks they were up this year. Here are our stockings hanging by the fireplace:

Alan picked out the prettiest tree we have ever had, in my opinion:
Our ornaments are eclectic, from ones I had as a child....

to ones we have from our first years of marriage....

to handmade ones by the kids (those are my favorite).
All the cards we get in the mail get displayed.  Some people don't like Christmas letters, but I love receiving them and reading what our loved ones have been up to the past year.

This manger scene is one I made in elementary school at VBS one year and it is still in good enough condition to display.  I like things with sentimental value.

God is the author of celebrations, and we love celebrating!

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