Saturday, December 31, 2011

Garrels Girls Family Christmas Party

My mother is one of 7 girls.  When the whole family gets together with all the kids and grandkids, there is a passel of people!  Our family is diverse and that diversity = fun.  Every year my entire life, our family Christmas party has been held at my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Penny's house.  I cannot think of a childhood Christmas without their house in my memory.  This year, they passed the baton to Alan and I to begin holding the annual party at our house.  What an honor! 

We eat together and hang out together:

This is my Grandmother, the matriarch of the family, sitting with my mom:

The highlight of the night for the children is the arrival of Santa (a.k.a. Uncle Mark) and his wife (Aunt Wendy).  Santa chose a unique way of entry from the North Pole - a tractor!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus:

The gifts begin:

Even if they don't want to see Santa, they still enjoy the presents!

Santa ends the evening with gag gifts.  Alan received a kit for staying on the roof and calling for help, since the last two years he has had trouble hanging lights.

Joey received a bucket of ornaments, since he has used the excuse in the past of having no ornaments as reason to not put up a Christmas tree.

David had a run-in with an oven in the form of a fire this year, so he was given some gifts to help him in case of future fire :)

My cousin, Andy, made a presentation to my Aunt Penny and Uncle Johnny.  They were given the George Mcmullen award. The award was named after my great-grandfather. It goes to someone in our family for a great achievement each year.  Johnny and Penny have hosted our family so much over our lifetime and made sure that everyone got together to see each other, so they received the award.  

All of my cousins who grew up going to their house stood with Andy to present the award.

I'm so thankful for my family!

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