Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Christmas Gift

Since the beginning of time
At the Father's side
You made heaven and earth
Day and night did divide.

Prophets spoke of you
In the days of old
The king that would come
A promise foretold.

Then fulfill you did
All the signs were there
A star in the heavens
An answer to prayer.

You came in the night
In a manger was laid
Not a man with a crown
Just a tiny wee babe.

Shepherds worshiped you then
After angels they feared
Brought news of your birth
They bowed and revered.

Months later some magi
Brought gifts that seemed then
Not right for a child
But a burial for men.

As you grew you were tempted
Ridiculed and mocked
When you healed diseases
The people were shocked.

All the while proclaiming
The gospel's good news
That would be for all people
Not just the Jews.

On a cross you were hung
And breathed your last
Then went to hell
My sin- out you cast!

You marked all my debt
"Paid in full" on that day
You took my place
While in a tomb you lay.

Three days later you rose
Just like you had said
Scars marked hands and side
But no longer dead.

Satan could have
No hold over you
Thanks to your promise
I'm safe from him, too.

I could never repay you
Even with my life
My time here on earth
Will be full of strife.

But it's all worth it
To bring glory to you
My purpose fulfilled
To you I'll be true.

This Christmas season
As I sing praise and songs
All the while I'll be thinking
It's for you my heart longs.

(by me)
--Merry Christmas,

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