Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chimney Rock

In December we went on a trip to North Carolina. My parents have a cabin on a creek and it's my favorite place to go.  While we were there, we took the kids to Chimney Rock Park.  As a child, I went with my family to Chimney Rock every year and we hiked to the top of the waterfall, down the trails, and to the overlook.  One of the trails was dangerous and we had to be very careful because there was no railing on part of the trail.  People have fallen over the cliffs to their death before.  Anyway, the year Alan and I were married, we went with my parents to Chimney Rock once again, and on one of the trails, it began to rain.  My mom slipped on the rock and shattered her ankle.  It took hours to get her down to an ambulance.  We were, after all, on a mountain!  No room for a vehicle.  Men had to get a stretcher, carry her on a trail in the rain, and then load her into an ambulance to get to a hospital.  We had not been back since that day 14 years ago.  When we decided to take the children this month, we did not give my parents the heads up until we were already there.  We called and sent a picture from the top.  Sorry, mom!  The trail that mom broke her ankle on is now closed, though.  Here are some pics from the trail we accomplished. 

The kids at the lookout:
With me at the lookout:
The flag at the lookout:
Alan and the kids at what's called "the Opera Box":

Our view from "the Opera Box":
Jayde, Alana, and Easton found a crack just big enough for them:

My posers:

Don't worry, this was as close to climbing on forbidden rocks as we came:

The waterfall where "Last of the Mohicans" was filmed:
It was a perfect day!

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