Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Mourning

Our family is getting ready to leave on a trip to North Carolina today.  In honor of December 1 tomorrow, I am posting this poem that our Associate Pastor read at the first Sunday in Advent this past week.  I loved it.  Thanks, Scott, for sharing it!

Christmas Mourning

On Christmas day I weep
Good Friday to rejoice. 
I watch the Child asleep.
Does He half-dream the choice
The Man must make and keep?

At Christmastime I sigh
For my Good Friday hope.
Outflung the Child's arms lie
To span in their brief scope
The death the Man must die.

Come Christmastime I groan
To hear Good Friday's pealing.
The Man, racked to the bone,
Has made His hurt my healing,
Has made my ache His own.

Slay me, pierced to the core
With Christmas penitence
So I who, new-born, soar
To that Child's innocence,
May wound the Man no more.

-by Vassar Miller (1924-1998)

May God bless you during this Christmas season as we celebrate the One who died for us and rose again.  Oh blessed hope!

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