Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor of Love

As of yesterday we have officially changed our request to two children.  They could be siblings or unrelated.  We would like for at least one to be a boy.  After reading so many posts from people who are going back to ET for a second or third time to bring more precious ones home, we felt like we would like to go ahead, take the plunge, and bring home at least 2 at a time.  Who knows what God has in store? 

This morning I read the sweetest prayer request from an AWAA friend, asking for our group to pray this Labor Day weekend for a "Labor of Love".  The idea is to spend moments this weekend praying for our future children's birth parents, the moms in particular.  They labored for these, they love these children.  Either they are dying, or are giving them up because they know they cannot give their children what they need, and do not want to see them suffer.  Will you join us in prayer this weekend and remember these mothers?  Here's part of her request:

"So I have been thinking that as we all wait for referrals for the children God has for us, there are mothers on the other side of the world who, for whatever reason, will lose the children God gave to them. I wait hopefully, expectantly,and impatiently for my little girl, but I know that without her birthmom going through a painful loss, she could never be my daughter.
So I want to encourage everyone of you, whether you are DTE or not, to pray for your child's/ children's birthmother this weekend. We often say that, although not an actual labor and delivery, adoption is a labor of love. And since its Labor Day weekend, why not?
Would you join me in praying for the women who carried and loved our children first? For their health and safety, for provision and peace. And most of all that they would know our Lord Jesus so that one day we may all be together again in God's glorious kingdom, as one beautiful family

Wow.  That last line needs to be echoed from all of us.

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