Saturday, September 3, 2011

35 Dollars

$35. Thirty five dollars.  35 bucks.  35 smackers. 

What is that to you? 

A dinner out?
A drive through meal with all your kids including cokes?
A movie with popcorn and soda?
Your monthly gym membership?
Wasted electricity from running your air so much or leaving your lights on?
Buying named brand instead of generic?
Two bottles of wine?
A book at a curriculum fair you buy and never use?
A shirt you bought that still has the tags hanging on it?
The amount of wasted food you threw out of your fridge this month?
What you spend on Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts/Panera Bread for lattes in a month?

Do you realize I could keep going for a looonnnngggg time?

Think of all the ways you waste money in a month.  Don't believe it?  Take the Dave Ramsey test.  Write down every dollar you spend (yes, that 50-cent coke counts, too) for an entire month.  Then take that list before the Lord and say, "Lord, what could we have done without?"  Then you'll probably want to follow that conversation with a prayer asking for forgiveness.  I know I have and still do.  Frequently.

You don't have to adopt to change a child's life.  Did you know that?  You can sponsor a child through World Vision and completely change an entire family's life.  If you don't believe me, google the stories of people who have met their sponsored child and seen what a difference that money makes.  Literally the difference between life and death. 

Don't make enough money, you think?  Guess what.  It's only $35 a month.  A measly $35.  Maybe you have perfect will power when you go to Walmart.  Maybe you never walk out with more items than what you have on your list.  But I bet I'm right.  I bet you squander $35 bucks easily, every single month.  I bet if you thought about it, you'd eventually admit that's true.  What's your excuse?  What exactly is your excuse for NOT giving a child food, water, clothing, shelter, schooling, and medicine?  It's too hard to stay at home and cook a homemade dinner instead of eating out?  Am I being too harsh?

Think about it.  Please, think about it.  Pray about it.  Then go to your computer and type in and take a look at those thousands of sweet faces and see if you can keep your excuses in your head.  I bet they will melt away right before your eyes.  Try it.  I just gave you the link.  No excuses.

* Disclaimer * I am not advocating Tony Evans ministry or in any way saying you should give him money or take him as a spiritual authority.  But in this particular sermon, he has some good points and a good story about his son's visit to Africa and the parable of the Good Samaritan.  Listen if you want

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