Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Pictures

Thanks to my genius future nephew-in-law, Matt, I found the right cord to be able to load pictures onto the computer again!  A whole summer's worth.  This could take some time.  I'll try to hit the highlights.  Aren't you glad?  Let's start all the way back in May......

This is Matt.  Since I just mentioned him, I thought I'd show you what he looks like.  This was taken during a weekend we spent with him and his lovely future wife, Courtney.  My children love him.  We went to Georgia and the men participated in turkey hunting.  Matt won.  Hehe.  More than once.

This is Matt with his earnings and the lovely Courtney.

Cleaning the turkeys.  We marinated them in Italian dressing overnight, then the boys grilled them the next day for supper.  Tasted like chicken!  Yummy.
While in Georgia, we went to Savannah and walked around. 
Martin, a family friend, let us fish in his ponds.  Stay tuned while I post a picture of each child, to be fair.  Easton, of course.

Alana.  Alana loves to fish.  We call her "the fish whisperer" because she usually catches the most.  Know why?  Because she's PATIENT.  Gee,  what a concept.

Jayde at work.  She must always be climbing/perched/upside down/leaning on something.

One of Martin's ponds.  His property is so beautiful!  We are thankful for the opportunity to use it.

Jayde helps Alan clean the fish.  She does very well.  Easton does OK.  Alana - not so much. 

Martin has hundreds of these visitors all year round. 

Well, maybe that was a little long.  How about if I separate each event into it's own post?   

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