Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shari's Birthday

One of the very cool things about having a large space for entertaining built onto our house is actually using it.  A lot.  Why would you have a large space and lots of land and not share it?  Our house gets used almost year round (July and August, not so much) for various events and we love it.  

One of the last people to use the porch before it became too excruciatingly hot this summer was Shari.  Her sweet husband, Jim, planned a surprise 50th birthday party for her.  He was so cute, worried about all the details.  It ended up being really nice! 

Our lookout fell down on the job, so by the time I located my camera to start taking pictures, she was half way across the room and in the middle of hugging people.


More hugging......

This is her husband, Jim, the instigator:

This is Shari, realizing when she stepped out back that there were a lot more people!

Blowing out her candles:

Opening presents:

A group of Shari's admirers:

Thanks for coming to our "adoption party", Shari!  Hopefully sometime this year we'll be able to have the REAL one!  Glad you were surprised.  We all love you.

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