Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mom's 60th Birthday

My mother, Robyn, turned 60 in May.  For her milestone birthday, we went to dinner at a restaurant an hour away on the water, The Chart House.  It's one of her favorites.  We surprised her by inviting her sisters (she has 6 of them!) and her mother (my Grandmother, of course) to come along. 

Disclaimer: In the last post, I put the captions under the pictures.  I don't like it that way.  I know that the way I'm going to introduce the pics is backward, but I like to read what the pictures are, then see them, so that's what I'm going to do. 

Here's the birthday girl, a.k.a. mom, walking in and seeing all her surprise family members:

My mom and dad (married for 39 years this past month):

My Uncle Johnny and Aunt Bonnie (no, they are not married to each other):

Uncle Gary, Aunt Jan and Aunt Penny (Johnny's wife):

Starting at the head of the table, there's Mark, Wendy, and Grandmother:

My baby sister, Ginger, and her handsome husband, Ryan.  Ginger was glowing becuase she was at the end of her first trimester of pregnancy.  Yay Ginger!

Me and Alan:

Mom with her birthday cake:

It was a nice evening.  The best part was the fact that my mom was genuinely surprised to see her family members.  Don't you love it when a surprise you have planned actually works?  I do!

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  1. Awww turned out so nicely...good pics too... Back before these 30 something pounds arrived :)