Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Update

Wow!  I can't believe I haven't posted in almost two months!  Time has flown.  We had our USCIS fingerprinting date last Tuesday.  This is the absolute last step before sending in our dossier.  We are waiting on the form we need back from the federal government (who knows how long that will take), then we can mail everything in to our agency who sends it to Ethiopia. 

There is so much I want to share but today I am leaving to visit my sister for a couple days, so the writing will have to wait.  I have tried to download pictures of our activities over the past two months to share, but apparently my camera cord isn't working properly because the pictures won't download.  As soon as I can get that fixed I'll share the pics. 

Before I sign off for today, though, I have a prayer request to share.  This came from a mom in my yahoo group who brought home her daughter from Ethiopia a year ago.  Please read her email and pray.  Here it is:


For those who don't know me, I brought home my baby girl, Quilla, nearly one year ago from Ethiopia. Now, she's a happy and healthy 18 month old who loves chasing her brother, Zeke, who we adopted in 2008 from Vietnam...which leads to why I'm writing to you...

I recently found out that there are 16 Vietnamese kids who were referred to US families in 2008 who are still waiting to go home. To be clear, they are true orphans living in an orphanage for the past 3 years...There is a big push underway as the plight of these children is getting attention. Would you pray and ask God to liberate these children so they can grow up in loving families? This touches my heart because we had quite a struggle getting our son home as the Vietnam program closed. It makes me just cry to think our Zeke could still be in an orphanage. God intervened in supernatural ways in our case. I know God will do it again because it's not His will that these children suffer.

You can put some feet to your prayers by sending a letter to President Obama, your US Senators and your Congressman/woman. There is a suggested letter but you can add in your own thoughts, that you, for example, care about this issue because you're an adoptive parent (or prospective adoptive parent). The site is here:

Finally, please spread the word through Facebook/Twitter on behalf of these children. We have to stand up for the fatherless and this is one way to do it.

I appreciate your prayers and love for these kids and their families. I do keep tabs on this group and lift you in prayer as you wait and move forward and wait some more. I rejoice with you in the progress you're making. I'm so grateful that God is sovereign over every adoption.

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