Sunday, May 1, 2011


I made 26 jars of pickles so far this season.  7 were dill and the rest were bread and butter pickles because the sweet ones are what most of my family prefers.  To can pickles, I use a water bath canner.  This is different from the pressure canner I used to make the jars of green beans.  Canning in a water bath canner is a much shorter process, but you can only use it for high acid foods like fruit, pickles, and tomatoes.  All veggies and meats must be canned in a pressure canner. 

To make dill pickles, a mixture is made of vinegar and spices on the stove and then poured into waiting jars of cucumbers.  The cucumbers that go into making sweet pickles are actually mixed in with vinegar and spices and boiled first on the stove, then ladled into jars.  Each recipe is different.  Here's a picture of the jars coming out of the canner after they have been processed.  Dill pickles are processed for 15 minutes, sweet pickles for 10. 

Finally, some jars of pickles we can eat this year.  We still have a few left from last year, too.  My mouth is watering.

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