Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Adoption Updates - closer and closer

There is not always anything new to report on the adoption homefront.  It would consist of telling you about the challenges of getting all the paperwork in order, which would be very boring.  However, today I feel like we hit a small milestone.  We received our initial homestudy draft, which we corrected with a couple small changes, and Vickie, our wonderful social worker, sent back word saying she was finished correcting everything.  She is waiting on one reference, then she can send our homestudy report to be approved by AWAA.  We began faxing documents that have been collected and notarized to our family coordinator, Emily, in Virginia.  She will review them and let us know of any changes to be made.  There are still some documents left to finish, but we are almost ready to apply to USCIS for fingerprints and have our dossier certified by our state.  So we are getting closer and closer to being DTE (Dossier to Ethiopia) - the date we can't wait to write beside our names!

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