Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Guests

Every Easter we host family members for lunch after church.  This year we had family members plus extra friends.  Our motto is, "The more, the merrier".  Instead of 3 children hunting eggs, there were 9.  What fun for the kids!  The morning started with an inspiring, worshipful church service.

After church the 34 guests began arriving.  We ate a lot of food (as always).  Then my nieces and nephew who are now grown (BOO!) hid eggs for the kids.  It's tradition.  Here are some scenes from the hunt:

This is Jayde looking around the golf cart.

Our friends' daughter, Stella, showing off her loot.

Little Levi, who came with his mom and dad, was excited every time he found an egg. 

After the kids hunted, the tables were turned.  Every year after my kids finish finding their eggs and emptying the contents into their bags, they proceed to hide the now empty plastic eggs for their older cousins.  I don't know if it thrills the cousins (we love you, Courtney, Kelley, and John), but it sure thrills my kids.  My nieces and nephew and their corresponding husband, boyfriend, and fiance are always good sports.  This year the kids had a new egg seeker.  Her name is Jen and she came with Courtney. This is Easton "helping" Jen find her eggs.

While the kids are hunting eggs, the boys, young and old, go out to the barn to play washers.  What?  You've never heard of washers?  You must be from the city.  Haha. (This is not me busting on city dwellers.  This is only a joke.  If you are a city dweller please excuse me and do not take offense :)  ).

Here's Courtney participating in the washer game.  Yes, I do realize she is not a man.  However, her boyfriend was one of those washer playing men, so she gets a pass to attend.  The house behind her is our neighbor's.  The woman to the side is Alan's sister, Cassie, also not a man.  Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that the men are the ones who usually play washers?

These two men are Alan's brothers, Joe and Rhett, getting in on the action. 

There were some newcomers to the Kicklighter Easter celebration.  This is Kevin and Shelley.  They fit right in!  Thoughtfully, they came bearing gifts of toys for the kids to play with.  Of course everyone loved them.  

They brought water rockets.

And a kite.  Can you see the kite in the sky above the barn? 

Alan's brothers, sister, and parents posed for a picture.  It is a very rare occasion where they can all be together at once, being spread out from here to Alabama.
We had a great time!

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