Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Happenings

We have been busy this month.  I can't believe April is almost over!  A lot of time has been spent wrapping up this school year - 4 more weeks to go after tomorrow until our testing date.  We took a field trip to Animal Kingdom.  Lots of science to do and observe there. I took a few pictures (though none of them had anything to do with science).

Here are the kids with Pocahontas.  Easton refused to have his picture taken with a "princess" but if you look closely to the left you will see a little head sticking out of the tree behind them.  Yup.  You guessed it.  He inserted himself into the shot at the last second.

They loved the goats at the petting zoo.  We are still trying to talk Alan into letting us have a goat.  Come on, honey!  Look at that face!

Our baby chicks aren't so little anymore.  They are officially out of their cage and walking around with all the big chickens.  They are still much easier to catch than the full grown ones.  And they don't peck yet when you hold them!  Easton had two friends over to play last weekend and this is how they spent a lot of their time:

Easton has a favorite chick.

Currently it's soccer season for Jayde and Easton.  Alana chose not to play this year.  She goes to every game and cheers for them.  In this picture Easton's the one with the white socks.  What was I thinking buying white socks?  Apparently I wasn't thinking of laundry.  Or boys.  Or stains.  Or the fact that their games are played while the grass is still wet in the mornings.  Oh well!

Our kids love Awanas.  Alana and Easton are still in it. Jayde's too old.  Boo!  Easton practices his verses every day. When he wakes up and realized it's Wednesday, he puts on his Awana vest and wears it all day in anticipation.

We dyed eggs yesterday. The kids were supposed to bring a decorated egg to Awanas last night.  They all love to color eggs.  Even the oldest.

The finished works of art:

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