Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Crystal Springs Science

Each month during the school year over the last 4 years, the kids and I have attended a science class at a beautiful preserve near our home called Crystal Springs.  The classes vary every year, from amphibians and reptiles, to water conservation, habitats, emergency preparedness, etc.  You name it, we have probably learned about it.  The best part is that a majority of the class time is held outdoors and is hands-on.  This month we made terrariums out of plastic 2 liter bottles.  First, the teacher made a slit in the bottle.  Then the children had to fill it up with the kinds of materials that would make a suitable habitat, like sand, leaves, soil, rocks, and plants.  After the habitat was complete, the real fun began - catching the bugs to live in the terrarium!  We took the bottles home and observed them for a few days, making notes about what we saw. 

Alana showing the habitat in her terrarium:

Jayde and her friend, Hannah, searching for critters:

The outdoor classroom at Crystal Springs Preserve:

Easton proudly showing his completed terrarium:

Hands-on learning is just more fun, isn't it?

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