Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Party

Our homeschool group had it's annual Valentine's party last week.  We exchanged valentines and candy, decorated cookies, ate pizza, and played games.  One of the hightlights was the hat and shoebox contest.  Jayde, my girl who loves to create unique hats to hightlight her personality, was going for the Funniest hat.  She managed to accomplish her feat and won the prize for the Funniest in her age category.  Here is a picture of her hat:

Alana, just like her girly personality, wanted to make a beautiful hat in her favorite color, pink.  She was thrilled that her hat was voted "Prettiest" in her age category.  Here is Alana's hat:

Now we come to Easton, who loves to push the line and be silly.  His balloon-covered hat was voted Most Original in his age category.  Here it is:

All materials were purchased at Dollar Tree.  Easton blew up an entire pack of balloons which managed to escape every time we opened the car doors on our errand day.  I can only imagine what the patrons of Walmart thought about me as a mother while the children ran after balloons scattered around the parking lot as I yelled, "Come back!  Balloons aren't worth getting run over by a car!  A pack's only a dollar!", and Easton was yelling back, "Yes they are worth it, Mom, I blew them all up!  My balloons!  Whaaaaaaa!"  A young man must have felt sorry for me because he found a balloon by his car and walked it back over, saying, "I think this is yours."  Yes, sir, how did you know? Could it be my red face?  Or my son's frantic screams?  How about the multicolored balloons being carried away by the wind as my girls stood there watching?  Just thought I would share a typical day in the life of the Kicklighter household. 

I digress.  Back to the party.  We had a great time.  I love to see how the kids are creative in different ways. 

The night before the party we had family over for supper.  I made what was going to be a two layer red velvet cake for dessert.  But as I was pulling it out of the oven, I dropped one layer onto the floor.  Half of the cake was left in the pan and half was scattered over the floor in red crumbs.  Story of my baking life.  Anyway, Jayde loves to make things organized.  She is all about presentation!  So I gave her what was left of the cake and asked her to make something out of it that looked nice.  Here's what she cames up with:

It's nice to have kids that can save the day. 

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  1. Nice hats :) As far as your balloon episode...I don't think you ever have to be concerned about what the patrons of WalMart think of you...just sayin :)