Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am trying to keep track of dates so I can see our adoption progress.  We were officially accepted into the Ethiopia program on 1/20/11.  Every family that is accepted is invited to participate in a chat room specifically set up for families adopting from Ethiopia through America World Adoption Association (AWAA in future posts).  This has been a great source of information!  The real scoop on what's happening, details, prayer requests, etc., are all shared.  Our "paperchase" (as it's affectionately called in the AWAA chat room) began on 2/3/11.  So far we have collected:

-2 reference letters (more to come)
-insurance letter regarding adding a child to our policy
-insurance card
-all copies of birth certificates for the 5 of us
-marriage license
-passport photos
-kids physicals finished
-we sent off requests for backround checks through the FDLE and Central Abuse Hotline record office

Our passport appointment is Friday.  My physical appointment is March 5 and hopefully soon after that we can get back the forms and letters from our doctor.  By that date we should also have the other reference letters, employment letters, financial statements, life insurance copies, police report, and all of the papers finished (there are LOTS more) and notarized.  At that time our paperwork can be sent in to start our homestudy process.  We are praying that just the right caseworker is assigned to us, whomever God knows we need!

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