Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Body Book

Currently I am going through the book, My Body, from Teacher Created Resources with Alana and Easton.  Jayde and Alana have both been doing Anatomy and Physiology by Apologia this year and I wanted Easton to get a little taste.  I knew Alana would enjoy the activities in the book, too.  Who knew such an inexpensive book could be so fun?  We rolled out long sheets of paper, then traced the outline of the kids' bodies on the paper.  Every couple days, we have been reading about a different organ, coloring it, and adding it to our body.  They are loving it!  I must say, there was a lot of giggling going on the day we added the bladder.  What's going to happen when we get to the intestines?  Reproductive organs?  Hehe, we shall see.  Anywhoo, I took pictures of the first layer with Alana and Easton standing next to their respective bodies.  I wanted to document what it looked like underneath.  Many of the organs we add now will actually be glued on top of the current ones. 

Here's Alana with her body - doesn't she look taller on paper?
E-man's next with his little body, larger than life on paper:
I'm not sure what he was doing with his face!  Due to bad lighting and a cheap camera, this is as good as it gets as far as detail is concerned, but you get the drift.

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