Saturday, February 26, 2011

Morning Excitement

This morning I was doing paperwork before breakfast when Alana yelled, "Mom, there are cows in the yard!"  That's my cue to run out the side door and close the front gate that leads down our driveway as quickly as possible so no cows make it to the road.  Unfortunately this has happened a few times before, which is why we knew exactly what positions to take.  "Someone" left the gate open last night.  I won't say who did it.  Usually this offense is done by one of the children.  Not this time.  Nor was it me.  Oops, I guess you can figure it out now.  Anyway, if you have never had the priviledge of having cows in your yard, the next step becomes quite comical.  Alan ran outside and started herding (chasing) the cows, as the kids took various positions around open gates to let the cows back into the pasture.  My job is to laugh and shout directions, jumping in as needed.  Here's Alan with the last of the cows:

The dog that you can see the backside of is Dixie.  She has been ours for two years.  She's very large, a mix of Bloodhound and German Shepherd.  It took me a while to like her as a puppy.  When a dog that large wants to play and doesn't quite understand when to draw the line, it hurts!  But oh, I am so glad we kept working with her.  Dixie is a wonderful dog now, a great companion.  She also thinks she is a herding dog.  She was bred to be a hunter, but I guess no one told her.  I'm kidding.  She has a great nose.  She's Alan's herding partner. 

They make a great team, and all cows are now safely back where they should be.  The only thing left to do is pick up the presents they left in the yard.  Any takers?

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