Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last night we attended our 4-H meeting.  The kids always have a lot of fun. As a group last month we visited a local dairy.  They taught us some of the breeds of dairy cows and we watched the milking process.  The dairy owners donated cream to our group, so this month we used the donated fresh cream at our meeting.  Usually the night starts with sharing a covered dish dinner.  Then the meeting takes place.
You are looking at about half the group.

After the serious meeting, we got down to the REAL business - making strawberry shortcake!  We live in Plant City, the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World.  Strawberry shortcake is the official dish of our city (OK, maybe not, but it should be).  People come from all over North America to eat strawberry shortcake at a local produce stand (seriously, they do!).  Jayde and Alana helped bake the cake.

Easton was on the strawberry cutting committee.

Each child took turns whipping the cream.  It took a lot of muscle.

They were having such a blast that one group actually took it too far and made butter!  Then we put it all together and ate big bowls of the finished product. 

Doesn't that make you hungry?  

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  1. Yes...very very hungry! I can't wait until the Festival!